Diagnostics & Problem Solving

Next time a dashboard warning light appears in your car, don’t pay vehicle dealership prices, call into AK Autos for a low-cost diagnostics check including a print out of the codes.

Car engines are controlled by a computer called an ECU (Engine Control Unit).  The ECU controls fueling and ignition timing under all different engine loads whilst driving.  ECUs continually monitor the performance of your engine and alert you to faults or potential problems by displaying dashboard warning lights.

When a fault occurs a light may appear on your dashboard. If it does you’ll need an electronic diagnostics check to identify the fault so it can be rectified as necessary and also to remove the warning symbol from your dashboard.  AK Autos Diagnostic Equipment gives quick answers and we’ll talk through with you any work required and estimated costs to put your mind at rest.

Other systems in your vehicle like ABS,  Airbags, Traction control, Electric power steering and even windows and central locking systems have ECUs or Modules.  If you have a fault with them,  we can deal with these too.  It costs nothing to talk, just give us a call.

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