Head Gasket

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe head gasket is located inbetween the cylinder block and the cylinder head. Its purpose is to contain engine compression and to separate the three liquids in the engine from each other.

The internal combustion engine is standard in cars, trucks, and motorcycles.  A spark from the spark plug ignites a mix of fuel and air that explodes in the cylinder. The explosion moves a piston that turns the crankshaft. The crankshaft transfers that energy to the transmission and onwards to the wheels.

The head gasket seals the lubrication fluid, the coolant fluid, and the fuel/air mixture away from each other and prevents them from escaping outside the engine block. The head gasket also helps keep the explosive action contained in the cylinder so is a vital component to a vehicle.

If the gasket blows the consequences are serious and action should be taken promptly to stop matters getting worse which they inevitably will if left unattended.

Some symptoms of a blown head gasket include engine overheating; engine running poorly or milky looking engine oil.  AK Autos specialises in Engine Work so if you are unsure if your head gasket has blown or not, don’t leave it to chance – give AK Autos a call on 0115 944 5264 or 07422 510277.